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In 2019, I finished my first IRONMAN 70.3 without a coach. From that experience, I realized I needed to work on my swimming, hydration, and nutrition. I approached Kelsey to help me improve in these areas. Since then, I have taken nearly a minute off my 100-yard pace and haven’t cramped up in any race since my first 70.3. I had several years of cycling under my belt by the time I reached out to Kelsey, but she drastically improved my power and speed with her zone training workouts.

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I am a nurse that works nights with an inconsistent schedule. Kelsey has been a key component on making my training fit in my life. She listens to my needs and designs a program that keeps me healthy, engaged, and motivated. She is also extremely responsive for last minute changes when life gets in the way. I wanted a training schedule that fit my life, not dominate it. Kelsey has done this for me all while I continue to see improvement.  


"Having Coach Kelsey plan my weekly workouts, make my weeks less stressful and far more manageable, especially with a toddler!"

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"Working with Coach Kelsey meant that I was able to finish my first triathlon and achieve all of my goals. Kelsey's coaching is clear, empowering and supportive. I can't imagine this journey without her, and I can't wait to see how far I will go!"


Over the past few months, Kelsey has played a pivotal role in transforming my swimming abilities and enhancing my overall triathlon performance. Her dedication, expertise, and personalized approach have made a significant impact on my training journey.

Before working with Kelsey, I struggled with my swim times and felt like my stroke lacked efficiency. From the moment I started training with her, I noticed a remarkable improvement. Kelsey's keen eye for detail and her deep understanding of swimming techniques allowed her to identify the areas where I needed improvement. Through her guidance and insightful feedback, my stroke became more streamlined, and I felt a surge of confidence in the water that I had never experienced before.

What sets Kelsey apart is her ability to create a customized training plan tailored to my specific needs and goals. She took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, and designed a program that pushed me to excel while considering my limitations. Her training plan included a perfect balance of endurance, speed, and technique drills, enabling me to make steady progress and achieve new personal bests.

One aspect of Kelsey's coaching that I truly appreciate is her emphasis on injury prevention. She incorporated personalized strength workouts into my training routine, helping me build the necessary muscle strength and stability to support my performance. Thanks to her meticulous attention to detail, I have been able to stay injury-free throughout my training, which is a testament to her expertise in optimizing training plans.

Another remarkable quality of Kelsey is her responsiveness and flexibility. Despite my demanding work schedule, she worked around my constraints and developed a training schedule that accommodated my availability. Her unwavering support and willingness to adjust the plan as needed have been instrumental in keeping me on track, even during the most challenging times.

Above all, Kelsey's passion for coaching shines through in every interaction. She genuinely cares about her athletes and invests herself in their progress and success. Her positive attitude, motivational pep talks, and unwavering belief in my abilities have fueled my determination and pushed me beyond my limits.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kelsey Ramberg as a triathlon coach. Her ability to improve swim times, enhance stroke efficiency, provide personalized strength workouts, and adapt to demanding schedules is truly commendable. She is an exceptional coach who goes above and beyond to help her athletes reach their full potential. Thanks to Kelsey, I have not only become a better triathlete but also gained a mentor and a friend in the process.

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