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Frequently Asked Questions 

Swimmers running out of the water

What all do I need to get started? 


You will need determination and discipline! You will need to create a free TrainingPeaks account that will sync with Coach Kelsey’s. A GPS watch that will sync to TrainingPeaks or you can also manually put your workouts into TrainingPeaks. 

What is TrainingPeaks? 


TrainingPeaks is the program used to create your individualized workouts. Your account will sync with Coach Kelsey’s account so that she can view your workouts! TrainingPeaks allows you to leave comments after work outs so you can communicate with how the workouts go. Once the workout is completed it will turn green. Incomplete workouts will turn red. Partial work outs will either turn yellow or Orange. Coach Kelsey loves to see green workouts 

What if I just want a running program? 


Coach Kelsey works with all types of athletes including runners! From 5k athletes to marathoners Kelsey will write an individualized program for you! 


My event isn’t for another year should I still sign up? 

The best time to sign up with a coach is 11-12 months before your event! This will allow you to absorb the workouts and go into the build up of your event with a solid base! 


Do you write strength work outs? 

Coach Kelsey includes sport specific strength work outs into your program! 

How do I get started? 

You can email Coach Kelsey with any initial questions or if you’re ready to go you can pick your package and sign up! Coach Kelsey will send you a questionnaire that will follow up with a 30 min consultation! Coach Kelsey also takes discovery calls if you're interested about learning more! 


What is the 80/20 method? 

So many athletes have one mode and that mode is fast! Unfortunately this leads to burnout, a plateau, or injury. Based off of Stephen Seiler’s method, Coach Kelsey will have you do low intensity 80% of the time and go hard 20%! This way you can build endurance and get faster! 


What if I don’t have a power meter? 


Power meters work great for gauging your power output when you are cycling. This data gets used for writing workouts. If you don’t have a power no problem!  We can go off your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) which correlates to the difficulty of a bike session. 


What critical gear do I need for a triathlon? 

You will need goggles, a bike, helmet, running shoes, sunglasses, and a tri kit! 


I have done a couple of triathlons and I am ready to go all in! What gear should I consider? 

Start with the basics first and when your ready to go all in you can start thinking about the big stuff! A wetsuit, clip in pedals, tri bike, aero helmet, and power meter. 

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