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Training While On Vacation

It’s the time of the year when people are going on vacation and figuring out how to train. I have athletes traveling for family vacations, work trips, getting married, and going out of the country!

You can still be successful and stay on track with your training while on vacations. Here are some tips.

- Talk with your coach so that they can help prioritize your training. Let them know what you will have access to (pool, gym equipment, trails), when you are leaving, when you are returning. Will there be a time difference? Jet lag?

- The weeks prior or when you return, we can have a bike focus week or a swim focus week, whatever you wont have access to we want to focus on that. That frequency will help with you body's muscle memory.

- Structured training weeks don’t have to be 3 up 1 down, they can be 2 up and 1 down. Sometimes we get so fixated on how this is how the program needs to be. But life doesn’t work like that…

- Your training week doesn't have to be Monday-Sunday. Build weeks can be Monday- Thursday. Recovery weeks can be Thursday- Tuesday.

- You don’t have to train! One week off from training really won’t negatively affect you. In fact, it may really benefit you, as you will come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running!

Plan ahead and think outside the box can help you train successfully and have a fun vacation. This is where a coach can really help you prioritize! Enjoy your Summer and train smarter not harder!

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