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Training During the Offseason

I often get asked by athletes, when should I get started? The best time to get started is NOW! The build phase of periodization is usually 16 weeks. The time before that is the base phase where we build that foundation! The more time spent building that foundation the better!

  1. The best time to get a coach is during the offseason is NOW. This gives you time to build a relationship with the coach. It takes time to get to know the athlete and what works best for that athlete. It also helps with overtraining. There is nothing worse than starting the season and you are already burnt out from training too much too early! It also helps with motivation and accountability! Because lets face it, getting on the trainer when it is still dark outside sucks.

  2. Now is the time to work on those limiters! We identify weaknesses and help you improve before the season starts. IF the swim is your weakness, then hire a swim insturctor and increase time in the pool. Need a break from running, swop that in with some cross country skiing! The options are endless!

  3. Anything you do NOW will effect your next triathlon season. So focus on technique, lift heavy, take care of you!

  4. Rome wasn't build in a day! Fitness takes TIME! PRs take TIME! Don't think you can start training 4 months before your "A" race and expect to hit all of your goals. Start NOW!

  5. Here are what some of my athletes have to say about the off season

"Training during the off season has helped me to focus on strength training and flexibility. This has helped me feel stronger while also hopefully reducing the risk of injury. It has been so nice to train and work on technique without the pressure of upcoming races! The off season also allows for much needed mental and physical rest, which helps me maintain my motivation and passion for triathlon without burning out.".

- Christina

"Maintaining a consistet training regimen during the offseason has helped with my mental health and combat the seasonal blues that can creep in during those dark days of Winter"

- Andrew

I hope you all enjoy the season and use this time to help you succeed for the 2024 season! Spots are still open for the JustKeepTriing team! Email for more information!

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