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2023 Race Planning!

Some of athletes will only do couple of “A” races a year. While others have a stacked race schedule throughout the year. Either way is fine, you just have to plan accordingly.

Here are some considerations to make as your start planning your 2023 race schedule!

1. What are your goals?

- PR a race

- Try a new distance

- Try a new sport (cyclocross, duathlon, Ironman, Ultra marathon)

2. Timing!

- When are your races?

- What is you’re “A” race? Then plug in your “B” and “C” races

“A” races are what you are training for! Your training plan revolves around your “A” race

“B” races are races that you are still training for but won’t have a big taper. This race won’t disrupt your training. This could be a 70.3 3-5 weeks out from your Ironman. Or a half marathon during a marathon build.

“C” races are training races. There’s no taper for this race and training goes on as usual. This could be a half marathon during, and Ironman build at a Z 2 pace.

3. When will your race be?

- Will the race be in the Summer when it is hot? Do you do well in the heat?

- Will the race in the Winter when it’s cold here and warm where the race is? How will you acclimate to the heat?

4. Race logistics?

- Is this race hilly?

- Is this race in a small town with not a lot of stores or restaurants?

- Is this a large race with a lot of competitors or a smaller race?

- What will the water temperature be like?

- Will you have to fly there? Will you fly your bike? Time zone change?

- Will it be in the school year when your kids are busy?

There are so many things to consider when planning out your race schedule. Think about each race and the logistics. Talk with your family so they know the plan. Talk with your coach and ask them questions. We are your resource!

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