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5 Tips for your first Sprint Triathlon!

Triathlon season is upon us here in the Northwest! I have a bunch of first time triathletes and I am so excited for them! Our sport is growing and it’s a privilege to be apart of that! Here’s are 5 tips for your first Sprint triathlon!

1. Sighting!

You don’t want to have to swim more if you don’t have to! So lift your head up every 5-8 strokes and make sure your swimming on track. In general most people will be going the right direction so find some fast feet to follow!

2. Leave your bucket at home!

Transitions are tight, so only bring what you NEED! You don’t need to sit down on a bucket and dry your feet off. You don’t need to drink a protein shake (yes I have seen this). Sprint triathlons are fast so time in transition matters even more!

3. Drink on the bike!

Sprints are short but you still need to stay up on electrolytes so that you don’t cramp!

4. Pace yourself!

You want to aim for negative splits here. Start out moderate and increase each mile. Save some gas for that last mile!

5. Nothing new on race day!

All your gear and nutrition should be figured out BEFORE race day! This includes a wet suit swim if possible, a bike ride outside (practicing drinking on the bike), your tri kit, transitions.

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