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What you need to get started for your first triathlon

The journey of starting triathlon can be intimidating. 3 sports back-to-back in one day! All the gear that comes with it. Fueling. Transitions…. It can a lot, but you don't have to start out with everything.

Here’s a list of what you need to get started!

Swim: You will need a swim suit, cap and goggles to get started. Later if the sign up for a race that is cold, then you can invest in a wet suit.

Bike: All you really need to get started is a bike and a helmet! If you are on your bike and moving forward you must wear a helmet! At most races, if they see you riding your bike without a helmet, they can and should disqualify you! It sets a bad example for the race and our sport in general. So please, always wear your helmet!

The first bike upgrade you should do is clip in pedals, then go for a carbon road bike, then a tri bike if you are truly invested and this is something you see yourself doing for many years. Race tires are also a future upgrade you can think about once you purchase your brand-new fancy carbon fiber bike.

Transition: Lay out a small towel (use a bright one that stands out so it’s easy to find when you come running into T1). You don’t need a big bucket to put all of your stuff in. You want to be mindful of your transition area because they can be tight. Everything should fit right next to your bike tire and not interfere with the bike next to yours.

Run: All you need is a pair of running shoes. A good shoe fit is recommended. Make sure they are comfortable and fit your feet. Feet change so it’s important to get them checked out every year. A pair of shoes should last you no more than 300 miles or whenever the soles start to deteriorate. A hat/visor and sunglasses are also really helpful on the run.

Now you are ready to train for your first triathlon!

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